Exhibitionism – The Basics

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Exhibitionism is the act of showing others who may not be expecting it your genitals. There are several forms of exhibitionism out there, and not a single definition may fit any one person. If you are interested in learning more about this, here are a few types of exhibition to become aware of.


This is the oldest form, and probably the one that gets more people in trouble in every year. This involves opening up your clothing to reveal your body parts to unsuspecting subjects. Girls gone wild videos are a good example of this.

Hidden Exhibitionism

To combat some of the legalities associated with flashing, this form of exhibistionism came in to existence to provide the same thrill without the legal implications. For women this may be wearing a shirt with no bra, and allowing your nipples to be easily seen while still covered. For men it could be walking around without underwear. This is more common with women than with men.

Sexual Exhibitionism

This is the act of having sex of masturbating in an area where other people may see. It’s more common for this to happen in areas where being caught is possible but unlikely. This allows a couple to experience the thrill without being arrested.

Other Forms

There are many other niches with this. Driving while partially nude or masturbating is one popular form. Others may include hotel exhibitionism, which involves walking around hotel corridors in the nude, library exhibition, and cruise exhibition.

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