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Practical Advice for Homemade Porn

Sometimes nothing can be hotter than watching yourself with your partner. A homemade video can be a great way to enjoy this without going public. There are a few ways you can make a great video.


While many people prefer sex in the dark, this is going to be impossible for a good video. Keep lots of lights on. Having a small handheld light can also help with capturing the hottest moments.

Types of Cameras

While a stationary camera on a tripod will allow you to hands-free, it won’t do much in way of getting closeups and different positions. A handheld camera is really the best way to go. This way you can switch the camera back and forth between the two of you and grab closeup shots of the important things.

Length of Video

You’ll get bored with a very long video. Try to keep it at around 30 minutes, and be sure to include several different positions. This way it’s fun to make and fun to watch later.

Be Clear on Expectations

Many people are afraid to make videos because they don’t want them to end up on the internet, some like it to be seen by many and will want it to end up on a Swinger Tube. Before you decide to make a sex tape, be sure you are both on the same page regarding what will happen with the actual footage. Many people choose to watch it once, then delete it forever. Others will choose to stick to one copy that gets destroyed should the relationship not work out later.

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